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English summary

The main objective of the project is the active participation of young people in identifying indicators of quality of environmental community and to create bio-profiles of cities and towns in Slovakia.
To each indicator of the environment there will be developed methodological material. The young people will monitor the selected indicators by using measuring devices and other gadgets. These will demonstrate the level of environmental quality of the government where the project takes place. This is particularly the monitoring of clean air, water, endangered species, waste management and mapping of the natural and cultural heritage. An interactive website for the presentation of bio-profiles communities will provide negotiated space for the general public and experts which will encourage young people to record the results of their monitoring directly in the intranet interface (map of bioprofiles).

Methodological materials:

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“The project was supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
through Program active citizenship and inclusion, which implements
Ekopolis Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation for the Children of Slovakia and SOCIA – Foundation to promote social change.”